Why Saturday Night?


Some of the top reasons to try a Saturday night service!

  1. Because waking up for a 5:00 service is not considered waking up early.  Well, at least not for most of us!  Sleepyheads rejoice and worship!
  2. Because it gets rid of the mad dash to get the family ready on Sunday mornings.  Instead of the mad dash, just throw the kids in the car, regardless of what they look like at the time, and head to church!
  3. Because routines can hold us back.  Break out of your routine and try something a little different!  Take God out of the Sunday morning box that you have placed him in!
  4. Because a little prayer before the big nighttime football game could never hurt!  :)
  5. Because worshiping on Saturday makes it a lot easier to tailgate before the Titan’s games on Sundays without feeling guilty for missing worship!
  6. Because worship can be a part of a social outing with your friends that includes dinner and a movie!
  7. Because inviting your friends who don’t attend a church to worship with you at this laid back service is easier than inviting them to a traditional Sunday service!  There is something about inviting someone to worship and dinner on a Saturday night that is just easier than meeting them on Sunday mornings.
  8. Because when you have family in from out-of-town it is easier to load them into the van on Saturday evenings to come worship with you then it is on Sunday mornings!
  9. Because the world has forgotten how to observe the Sabbath and have a rest day!  In today’s world, Sundays are becoming as busy as every other day.  Sometimes going to church on Sunday morning can be like work.  Try getting your chores down on Saturday afternoon/morning, go worship Saturday night, then truly rest with your families on the Sabbath day like we are supposed to!  As the picture shows, while you are on your voyage remember to look for a rest area every now and then!