Welcome to the Voyage!

Are you ready to worship God in a new, fresh, and bold way?  Well, get ready, and get excited, because the voyage is about to launch!  Soon we will have a date for our first service and the countdown will begin, but for now, all we can say is “coming soon!”

coming soon

Ask yourself this:  Is it possible to worship God in a way that is both entertaining, yet reverent?  Is it possible to laugh together while still respecting the dignity of Christian worship?  Is there a way to learn about God while still experiencing the presence of God?  Can teaching and preaching be combined?  We believe that the answer to all of these questions is YES!  These things are possible!  And it is almost time for the countdown to begin.  Get ready to worship the all-powerful, all-loving, never-changing, Creator of the universe like you have never worshiped Him before.

Take a moment to explore this site.  Think about a way that you might be able to serve.  There is a form that you can fill out on this website to volunteer to serve in seven different areas.  Next, show us support, and help us to build momentum, by signing up below to join the voyage and by liking us on Facebook.  By submitting your email address to join the voyage you will be updated when a start date is announced or when other exciting news is available.  By liking us on Facebook you will help spread the word throughout the community that something new is coming without even opening your mouth!

We believe that the goal of any church should be to try to change the world in any way that it can.  We hope that you will join us as we try to make a difference.